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A General Guide To Chinese Character Stroke Order 

Have you ever wondered how people write Chinese characters? With so many strokes, it makes you ask if they follow any particular rules or just write as they please? The answer is there’s a standard stroke order, but not everyone writes accordingly! 

This article will explain why stroke order matters and how to write them correctly.  

What is stroke order? 

Strokes are dots and lines – the writing movements of a character. Stroke order refers to the right and proper way to write a Chinese character in strokes.  

Many Chinese-language newbie learners question if the order of their strokes matters at all. After all, isn’t the goal just to write legible Chinese characters? Who cares how you write them?

Well, you should care! Learning stroke order may seem unnecessary, especially in our modern world, when we mostly type things instead of writing them.  

But, handwriting is here to stay, and stroke order remains extremely important. Read on to find out why!

How to practice writing strokes in the correct order

Before you start practicing, make sure you remember all 5 basic rules above. There are some other rules and variations, but learning those five is enough to start with. When you successfully encode them in your mind, practice writing common and easy characters with less than 10 strokes.

Doing so will help you memorize the rules even better and solidify that knowledge. When you start feeling comfortable writing strokes, and your accuracy is pretty high, level up with more complex characters.  

Keep in mind that whenever you’re unsure about the stroke order, check them immediately from your textbook or in any Chinese stroke order online dictionary like Visual Mandarin, Yellow Bridge, or   

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