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Top 10 Everyday Mandarin Chinese Phrases

Top 10 Everyday Mandarin Chinese Phrases If you’d like to learn how to speak Chinese, one of the best ways to begin is to start off with a few simple phrases that every tourist needs while traveling in China. By mastering 10 or so indispensable sentences, you can literally learn how to speak Chinese in 5 minutes; and you’ll know just enough to not only build up your confidence, but also impress your friends and family. After all, how many people do you know who can speak Chinese? How Difficult is Chinese? Learning Chinese can be a daunting task, because …

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the HSK test

Everything About the HSK Test From A to Z

HSK in brief: The HSK test (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì), is a standardized Chinese language proficiency test for non-native speakers established by China. This test is divided into different levels, each of which represents a certain level of fluency in Chinese Mandarin. The HSK is administered by Hanban, which is an agency within the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. An HSK certificate is valid throughout China, and is often used to prove language proficiency in higher education and professional areas. The test is only administered in Chinese Mandarin with simplified Chinese Mandarin characters. That said, if paper-based, …

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Getting Help Learning Mandarin – What To Do When There Is No Teacher To Ask!!

Internet Forums – The way we ask and answer the most challenging questions while learning Chinese online! “HELP! I’ve got a language question and there’s no teacher to ask!” Think back to studying, well, anything in a classroom….There’s always a teacher or an expert we can go to for answers to our silly questions, right? BUT…when we learn a language online, it can be a lot harder to get help! Luckily for us, we’re not the first ones to have this problem (unless you’re trying to learn Sanskrit online, I suppose!!). Welcome to the world of internet forums. Ever wonder …

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Stickers For the Win! :)

I am super excited to announce that we have new Pandanese Stickers out! We wanted to give our users new insights and new ways to master Chinese Hanzi, while also maintaining a manageable learning pace and learning load! Spaced repetition is key. It allows you to hack your brain’s natural learning processes and use them to your advantage. However, that is not all you can do. Memory tricks like mnemonics are great in helping along with the process for example. That said, today we are here to talk about something material (physical) based! Pandanese focuses on reading and building vocabulary …

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The Long, Mind Boggling, Arduous Task of Bringing Chinese Fonts to Life ;)

While learning Mandarin, have you ever wondered about where Hanzi began? What about the fonts it comes in? If you think the writing system is complex, just wait until you learn the quantity of work that goes into creating various fonts for it!